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Digital Score Competition: Deadline for expressions of interest: July 31st, 2022

About the commission competition

neoscore is a Python programming library for creating scores without limits. While other notation software assumes scores follow a narrow set of rules, neoscore treats scores as shapes and text with as few assumptions as possible. In neoscore, staves and noteheads are just one way of writing.

The Digital Score project is seeking expressions of interest from creative technologists, coders, musicians and digital artists to collaborate with us to create a digitally scored piece using the newly released graphical music notation library neoscore. The commission associated with this collaboration is valued at £4500 (see breakdown below), and the piece will be premiered in the US in May 2023.

Deadline for expressions of interest: July 31st, 2022

Key Guidelines

The key commission guidelines are as follows:

  • The commission should be written for 1 or 2 instruments to be defined by the applicant
  • The duration should be between 8 and 12 minutes
  • The digital score’s primary goal should be to explore the creative application of the neoscore python library
  • It can utilise back-end code and/ or sound processing as part of the generation of the score, but the focus needs to be on the creative use of neoscore. For example, the generation of the notation could be controlled using neural networks or symbolic algorithms, and the sound of the instrument(s) can be processed live, or the score can feature pre-recorded elements.
  • The digital score should prominently feature notation which is impossible in existing conventional notation software. Ideally, the digital score should leverage the unique potential of digital programmatic scores to create something that wouldn’t be possible with pencil and paper either.
  • We are particularly interested in supporting expressions of interest from early-career artists and researchers, non-academic musicians, and aim to support inclusivity.


All expressions of interest will be assessed using only the following criteria:

  1. Creative use of the neoscore library
  2. Technical novelty and invention in digital score composition
  3. Musicality of the digital score


July 31st 2022 – deadline for expressions of interest

August 31st 2022 – notification of commission to the successful candidate

May 2023 – premiere performance of the digital score in Boston, USA (aiming for TENOR conference 17th-19th May, subject to approval)


To submit an expression of interest please fill out this online questionnaire. Please note an applicant must supply a link to a basic working demo/ prototype of their idea using the neoscore library.

neoscore commission
Please provide a brief overview of your creative idea using neoscore
What musicians/ instruments is your digital score for?
Please provide a brief overview of the technology used in your digital score
How do you think your digital score will transform creativity in music-making for both the composer and performer?
GDPR Agreement


The Digital Score project (DigiScore) is funded by the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (Grant agreement No. ERC-2020-COG – 101002086).

We cannot guarantee that we will commission a digital score. The prize will amount to £4500 of which flight and accommodation to Boston for the premiere are included. In the event that a premiere in Boston is not possible, we will seek another location around the same time.

The value of the commission fee alone is a maximum of £3000, and the value of the flight and accommodation is a maximum of £1500. Musician costs, venue hire, technical support for the premiere will be administered by the DigiScore project.